Alex Sanchez, Candidate for State Senator, Senate District 31


Dear Neighbor: 
I am ready to serve our senate district to further the visions we share, to promote the values that are at the core of the Democratic Party and to work tirelessly on legislation that will have a positive impact for the hardworking people in our district and Colorado.
As a son of hardworking parents, I know firsthand the struggles that many of us are facing in this current economic climate.  As your next Senator I will work each day to balance our budget, create jobs, support local businesses and begin to invest in our futures, all without compromise at the expense of hardworking Coloradans and kids.
I have the experience and the stamina that is required to be an effective leader in the Senate and a strong advocate of our diverse communities. Together we can build an even better future for all Coloradans and for future generations.
I look forward to earning your trust and support.
Alex Sanchez
(303) 263-7788
About Alex
As a son of a restaurant worker and a hotel housekeeper, Alex knows the hardships and challenges hardworking families face every day and he has worked very hard to rise above many hurdles in his own life. Alex remembers the role and impact that his teachers and mentors played in encouraging him to pursue a college education in order to create opportunities for himself and his family. Through hard work and determination, Alex graduated from Colorado State University and became the first in his family to receive a college degree.
Professionally, Alex has achieved success in both the private and public sectors. Alex spent five years in the healthcare industry working with medical groups and policymakers to ensure that the uninsured and the underinsured had access to medical care and lifesaving medicine. In 2007, Alex left the high-paying corporate world to join then superintendent, now U.S. Senator, Michael Bennet, to be part of the systematic reform efforts of Denver Public Schools. He continues to work for the urban school district as director of communications. Alex has also managed a restaurant and an employment agency.  
Party and Community Involvement
  • Former precinct committee person in HD5
  • Active member of the Denver Democrats Diversity and Outreach Committee , empowering people of color to get involved and run for office
  • Former officer of the CDP Latino Initiative, active during the 2006 immigration debate to advocate for sensible and humane legislation
  • Former officer of Stonewall Democrats, recruiting volunteers to promote fairness and equality
  • Former vice chair of the Denver GLBT Commission, an appointment by Mayor Hickenlooper
Legislative Priorities
Please visit my website to read more and contact me to share your thoughts, concerns or questions.
I work each day with people struggling to survive amid our current economy. Colorado’s working families need a strong, functional government today more than ever. They need us to balance the budget, create jobs, support local businesses and begin to invest in our futures- all without compromise at the expense of hardworking Coloradans and kids. As your voice in the Colorado Senate, I will work to:
  • Promote new job creation and to attract new Green Economy businesses who focus on employing Coloradans to expand in Colorado;
  • Address the housing and healthcare crisis confronting many Coloradans;
  • Promote workers’ rights and strengthen workers’ protections; and
  • Expand vocational programs for students and adults who need new skills or training to be competitive in today’s job market.
Despite our hard work, today’s public school system is failing our youth. If we want to keep our neighborhoods vibrant, lessen the gulf between rich and poor, and make our citizens competitive in the global economy, we must have an education system for the 21st century. I am committed to making our public education system work for every child and will fight for meaningful reform to:
  • Make our public education system work for every child, with particular attention to those children most at-risk;
  • Invest in K-12, and provide access to preschool and all-day kindergarten for all children;
  • Protect higher education funding and expand programs to make higher education financially accessible to all Coloradans; and
  • Hire, support and reward great teachers, child advocates and principals;
We have a moral obligation to make sure all Coloradans have access to quality healthcare. Similar to how we view police and fire protection, healthcare is not a commodity but rather a public good that needs to be afforded to all residents. During the next legislative session, I will work with my colleagues to introduce and pass legislation to: 
  • Adopt a definitive plan to provide quality, affordable healthcare for all Coloradans, regardless of income or employment status; 
  • Increase transparency in medical and insurance billing; and
  • Improve coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatments, autism and other disabilities.
The fiscal knot created by TABOR, Amendment 23 and Arveschoug-Bird have been disastrous for Colorado, making it nearly impossible for us to invest in our state’s future. While we face serious challenges in our budget today with the current economic crisis, the “ratchet down” effect of these conflicting provisions will lead to tougher times ahead if not addressed. We must develop a long-term fiscal plan that addresses the immediate challenges we face, that enables us to invest in important programs like education, healthcare and our transportation system and that provides a firm foundation for Colorado’s growth. Fiscal and budgeting reform will be a priority for me, including:
  • Repeal of Arveschoug-Bird which causes cuts to public program funding to remain even after the general economy recovers;
  • Eliminate TABOR revenue caps that prevent us from investing in our future and vital programs; and
  • Legislative review of certain taxes and usage fees such as fuel fees and severance taxes.