An Open Letter to Senators Udall and Bennet Calling for Filibuster Reform

The Honorable Senator Mark Udall
Hart Office Building, Suite SH-317, Washington, D.C. 20510

The Honorable Senator Michael Bennet
720 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510

December 11, 2010

Dear Senator Bennet and Senator Udall:

We write to congratulate Senator Bennet on his election and to urge determined effort to reform the Rules of the Senate to enable effective government.

Chief among the rules that cause dysfunction and partisan gridlock are the 60 vote requirement to end Senate filibusters; and secret, unlimited holds by a single Senator on proposed legislation and on consideration of Presidential appointments. These are anti-democratic limitations on majority rule, which bring cynicism and continued inaction.

In particular, we endorse Senate Resolution 619 made by the Honorable Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico on September 10, 2010, which will assure change of the filibuster rule at the start of the new session in January. We further recognize the important proposals expressed by Senator Bennet in his testimony before the Senate Rules Committee last July 28, 2010, concerning the Disclose Act, Senate Resolution 440, and the Earmark Transparency Act. These reforms can restore some measure of trust among the people that progressive government is possible.

Please note that our expression of concern here follows discussion and unanimous consensus at the November monthly meeting of House District 2 Democrats. It follows our involvement in the ambitious Get Out the Vote effort organized by the Democratic Party of Denver, which included production of precinct resource notebooks, door-to-door distribution of campaign literature with a sample ballot door-hanger, and targeted phoning in our district. More than two dozen activists were involved in these efforts in HD2, with distribution of over 5000 literature packets, which helped bring Democratic successes in Colorado as well as in our district. Now we look ahead toward 2012.

“We the People” of the House District 2 Democrats urge bold, determined leadership on your part!

This letter also has been circulated to others on the Central Committee of the Denver Democratic Party, Captains, Co-Captains, Precinct Committee People, and other district leaders, that they might join us in expressing support for such reforms, and to take these matters for further discussion in their own districts.

Sincere and best wishes,

Tom Parson, Captain House District 2A Democrats
157 South Logan, Denver CO 80209

     CC: Pat Waak, Chair Colorado Democratic Party
     The Honorable Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader
     Vice President Joe Biden, Presiding Officer of the US Senate

Gordon Blankenship, Captain at Large Democratic Party of Denver; Chair House District 1
Vicki Bogenberger, Captain House District 5A
Derrick Borgmann, Precinct 213 Committee Person
Ted Boyden, Precinct 729 Committee Person
Nancee Braan, Precinct 812 Committee Person
Matt Brady, Precinct 202 Committee Person
Kevin Brauer, Co-Captain House District 8A; Precinct 824 Committee Person
Gary Bregar, Captain at Large Democratic Party of Denver
Benita Campbell, Precinct 141 Committee Person
Barbara Carter, Precinct 927
Christiane Citron, Precinct 614 Committee Person
Jim Corlett, Captain House District 7B
Margaret Alia Denny, Precinct 335 Committee Person
Isabelle DeSilver, Co-Captain House District 4A; Precinct 416 Committee Person
Diane Dunn, Finance Chair House District 4B
Ray Ehrenstein, Co-Captain House District 3A; Precinct 312 Committee Person
Anne Farrell, Captain House District 6B
Mark Ferrandino, Colorado State Representative - House District 2
Will Ferrara, Captain House District 4B
Cecilia Flores, Co-Captain House District 2B: Precinct 229 Committee Person
Michelle Foster, Chair House District 2
Greg Friedrich, Precinct 825 Committee Person
Dorie Furman, Precinct 912 Committee Person
Gino Furzi, Co-Captain House District 4B
Lew Gaiter, Jr, Co-Captain House District 6B; Precinct 650 Committee Person
Melinda Gillette, Precinct 950 Committee Person
Marshall Gourley, Precinct 225 Committee Person
Adam Graber, Precinct 708 Committee Person
Edward Hall, Treasurer Democratic Party of Denver; Precinct 205 Committee Person
Nancy Hammer, Precinct 328 Committee Person
Bert Hansen, Precinct 927
Diane Hansen, Chair House District 9; Precinct 927 Committee Person
Linda J. Hargrave, Vice-Chair House District 6; Precinct 658 Committee Person
Alice Harris, Precinct 407 Committee Person
Clare Harris, Precinct 122 Committee Person
Karen Hatch, Captain, Captain House District 1B
Juliette Hidahl, Precinct 916 Committee Person
Signers  cont’d:
Rogene M Howe, Finance Chair House District 7B; Precinct 716 Committee Person
Bill Hyde, Precinct 709 Committee Person
Regina Jackson, Precinct 616 Committee Person
Bill James, Regional Transportation District Director - District A
Jason Justice, Precinct 231 Committee Person
Steve Kaeuper, Precinct 704 Committee Person
Bob Kalish, Precinct 217 Committee Person
Devorah Kappers, Precinct 524
Bob Klotz, President Windsor Gardens Democratic Club
Julie Kronenberger, Captain at Large Democratic Party of Denver
Mary Larson, Precinct 332 Committee Person
Jim Laurie, Vice-Chair House District 8, Finance Chair House District 8B
Steve Lawrence, Co-Captain House District 7B; Precinct 746 Committee Person
Randle Loeb, Precinct 533 Committee Person
Merlin Logan, Finance Chair House District 1; Precinct 119 Committee Person
Cindy Lowery-Graber, Chair Democratic Party of Denver
Lucia Guzman, Colorado State Senator - Senate District 34
Gail R. Marcus, Precinct 846 Committee Person
Awilda Marquez, Chair Diversity and Outreach Committee Democratic Party of Denver
Chris Martinez, Precinct 731 Committee Person
Jeanne A. Mate, Precinct 927 Committee Person
Beth McCann, Colorado State Representative - House District 8
Lyric McKnight, Co-Captain House District 1A; Precinct 126 Committee Person
Matt Dae McMichael, Co-Captain House District 9A
Andrea Merida, Denver Public Schools Board Member – District 2; Captain House District 2B; Precinct 231 Committee Person
Donna Moore, Captain at Large Democratic Party of Denver
Karen Morrissey, Chair Rules Committee Democratic Party of Denver
Anne Murdaugh, Precinct 639 Committee Person
Nancy Kneipple, House District 37 Precinct 236 Committee Person
Pamelia Nixon-Hartje, Precinct 203 Committee Person
Sallyanne Ofner, Captain House District 6A; Chair House District 6
Sue Okerson, Precinct 427 Committee Person
Pat O'Neill, Precinct 849 Committee Person
Dan Pabon, Colorado State Representative - House District 4; Captain House District 4A
Tom Parson, Captain House District 2A
Owen Perkins, Secretary Democratic Party of Denver; Precinct 323 Committee Person
Carolyn Pickton, Precinct 330 Committee Person
Signers  cont’d:
Glenda Prosser, Precinct 644 Committee Person
Myra Rieger, Precinct 952 Committee Person
Brenda Riske, Co-Captain House District 2A
Val Roberts, Precinct 926 Committee Person
Vicki Rottman, Precinct 538 Committee Person
Susan E. Sanders, Precinct 850 Committee Person
Jamie Sarche, Precinct 948 Committee Person
Barry Sarver, Finance Chair House District 2
Youlon Savage, Precinct 911 Committee Person
Alan Schlessman, Finance Chair House District 3
Myra Schneider, Precinct 717 Committee Person
Gloria Schoch, Precinct 840 Committee Person
Rita Schweitz, Captain House District 5B
Teresa Scoggins, Precinct 424 Committee Person
Rita Simas, Precinct 218 Committee Person
David N. Simmons, Precinct 210 Committee Person
Paula Stacey, Finance Chair House District 4A
Pat Steadman, Colorado State Senator - Senate District 31
Kathy Steinberg, Captain House District 9A
Carolyn Stoffel, Finance Chair House District 9
John L. Stoffel, Jr., Precinct 933 Committee Person
Terry Jones, Precinct 213
Eddie Valdez, Co-Captain House District 1B; Precinct 109 Committee Person
Paula VanDusen, Chair House District 3; Precinct 329 Committee Person
Rick Van Wie, Finance Chair House District 6A; Precinct 604 Committee Person
Lois Wageck, Former President Windsor Gardens Democratic Club; Precinct 664
Elnora Wands, Precinct 211 Committee Person
Thyria Wilson, Secretary House District 2; Precinct 206 Committee Person
Dave Wolf, Precinct 828 Committee Person

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